On December 29th I preached a sermon on your theme word for 2014.  It’s about budgeting this year by choosing one word that will drive your year. This year is the year of _______.  The idea is rather than living out 2014 and looking back, asking “Where did the time go?” We plan now and say, “I will intentionally live for _______.


I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from people as the message has incited some discussion amongst people about what their one word for this year will be.  I heard of some ladies who had dinner together and the topic of discussion was what their word was.  I heard of a couple who, over lunch, had a conversation about the one thing that would shape their year.  Several people have come to me to tell me their word.  I’ve even seen some artwork people have made to put on their refrigerator to remind them of their word.  So what’s your word?  If you haven’t listened to the message, here it is. Check it out and discover your word.  It’s not too late.


Oh, and mine – it’s Faith.