Above is a picture of the business cards for our church that I’ve given to the people on our launch team.  It has the information for our website along with a contact e-mail and our mission statement.  It also has a blank line for the person giving out the card and under that line is that person’s title; it says “Minister.”

Right now we are a church with 18 staff members! Typically, a church with 18 staff members means it’s a really big church with a lot of people, but we’re also a church of 18 people.  See, everyone on our launch team is on staff.  Everyone is a minister.

Last night at our launch team meeting I explained to everyone that when they talk to people about joining our launch team and becoming part of our church, they need to let people know that they are actually on staff at our church.  Even though they work at Apple or are a counselor or graphic designer or in the military, they are also a minister on staff at our church – they are in full time ministry.

Peter in his first letter in the bible explains that we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, etc. (I decided not to put “Priest” for the title.) The language he uses in his letter is Israel language.  Israel, in the Old Testament, was God’s chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, but here, Peter is talking about the Church.  If you’re part of the Church or you’re a Christian then you’re already in full time ministry which actually means you are on staff at your church; you might not get paid, but…you’re on staff.

Also, because you’re a minister, part of a royal priesthood if you’re a Christian, it also means that there is no such thing as a secular job (secular or worldly vs. religious).  Your job and the place you work and what you do is sacred and holy because you’re there.  So whatever you do and wherever you are – whether a corporate job, a service job, a stay at home parent, whatever – it’s ministry and it’s sacred because you are in full time ministry.

If you want to be on our staff feel free to join us!  Our hope is to have a staff of thousands one day!