Prayer is a huge part in planting a church. A lot of people have told me that this will be one of the most difficult things I can do, not only because it’s a lot of hard work and long days, but also because of the spiritual attacks that would come.

See, the enemy, Satan, doesn’t want to see something great happen in the name of God so when someone catches a vision to launch a church that would see people far from God raised to true life, he’ll stop at nothing to try and derail that vision and plan.

People have asked, “How do you start a church?” One answer to that is by forming a team of people who would commit to pray for us and what we are doing. I’ve asked everyone on our launch team to invite 10 people each to be a part of a prayer team to pray for what we are doing; they’ve written down 10 names each and have asked them to join our team as people to pray for us.

I’d like to extend that invitation to you as well. Would you be a person to commit to pray for this church and the people on this launch team for one year on a daily basis until we publicly launch next year? Here are some things you can pray for:


-God’s guidance and provision as we move forward

-God’s protection over James and his family and everyone’s family on our launch team because satan would stop at nothing to try to deter us

-God would grow and multiply our launch team

-God would provide funds and generous people who would desire to give to this mission we are on

-God would give us an amazing place to meet

-God would be preparing people’s hearts and lives to join what we are doing before and leading up to our launch

-God would use us to make a significant impact in our city and throughout the world

-God would open doors and provide clear paths for us to take in moving forward and that he would give us strength and determination to proceed even when things get tough and don’t seem so clear

-God would draw people far from him to our church so that we can show them that He isn’t far from them


If you’ll join us in this, would you just leave a comment on this post so I can add you to that team? You can check out the progress of what we are doing by checking our website or coming to a launch team meeting.