Sunday April 13th from 5-6:30pm from the 20th floor of the Wells Fargo Center in Norfolk (440 Monticello Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23510) we will be hosting a Vision Night for The Rising.

This is next to the most perfect place to host a vision night for The Rising because it’s from this building and this floor that you can see all of downtown Norfolk and The NorVa where we will be meeting on Sundays.

If you’ve seen the posts and the updates and tweets and have kept up with us from a distance I want to personally invite you to come out to the 20th floor of the Wells Fargo Center to hear about what we are doing as we get a 360 degree view of downtown Norfolk.  God is and will be using The Rising to do amazing things in this city and I want to give you a front row seat to hear my story, my calling, the things things we’ve done and the the things we are doing leading up to our first sneak peek service on May 11th at The NorVa.

This is your personal invite to rise up off the sidelines to hear about and even join in on a great movement that is taking place through this local church that is about to launch.  These are the days we will look back on and say, “I was there from the beginning,  when it all started and I invested and contributed in a movement to see people far from God raised to true life.”  Will you join us for this night and will you be one of many to get in at the garage.

Also if it’s your first time coming to one of our Vision Night event, you get a free t-shirt! So tell your friends to come on out!

After the Vision Night we’ll hang out at Buffalo Wild Wings right next door for dinner and BWW will be donating 10% of all food sales from people who say they are with The Rising any time between 5pm and 10pm that Sunday night.

Can’t wait to see you!


Parking Details:

Park at The Wells Fargo Center and tell the parking attendant there that you are there for a meeting with The Rising on the 20th floor. The circus is in town and parking attendants will be collecting $5 at the entrance to the garage. Tell them the magic phrase and you won’t have to pay but will need to get a ticket you will bring with you to the 20th floor where we can validate your parking.

Upon arriving at the Wells Fargo Center, park on the 10th level, the top floor of the parking garage.  You’ll take the 10th floor elevator to the 20th floor.


Sign up so we know to set a chair out for you.

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