Wow!  Last night, March 9th, we had a Vision Night at Cure for The Rising and 37 people came out to hear about what’s happening.  The capacity was 40 so we nearly packed out the place!  I was so honored that people would take their time to come out to join us and hear about the vision and dream of the church we are launching in downtown Norfolk.

At this event I shared about the common language, or culture, we are seeking to develop as a church with the mission to see people far from God raised to true life.  I shared our values and how these shape the culture we are creating and I encouraged people to join us now at the ground level, in the garage, at the beginning of a great movement that is about to take place in the city.  Previously, our launch team consisted of 20 people but now, just from early feedback, there will be at least another 8-10 people joining us to help in the process of launching!

It was a humbling and encouraging experience for me and it was amazing to meet so many great new people.  One of the coolest things that happened was that Cure didn’t close then reopen for us – they just stayed open – so there were some people who thought they were there just to have a drink, but they ended up staying and hearing about our church!

For those who weren’t able to come out, we recorded the event so you can hear it.  We will be posting the recording on our podcast and making it available shortly.

I can’t wait to see how God continues to move through The Rising.  These beginning days are so exciting and the best is yet to come!