(Photo taken by Brandon Foster www.fostergrayphotography.com)

On Sunday April 13th we had a Vision Meeting on the 20th floor of the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Norfolk.  We had 42 people come out to hear about The Rising as I talked about my call to plant a church and the steps we’ve taken in preparing to launch.  I talked about the kind of church we are starting, the culture and ethos of a church where love wins and we’re known for what we’re for, not what we’re against.  I talked about how we break out the china every time and how authenticity is essential for us – our values.  I challenged and encouraged people to join in with our launch team by engaging in The 4 G’s and partnering with us as we are only weeks away from our first sneak peek service on May 11th.

It was a great night as we had DJ REZ playing club bangers as people arrived, walking in off the elevator, giving people a feel for how it will be when they walk into a Sunday morning experience at The NorVa.  We gave out shirts to first time guests just like we will on Sunday.  We had several people who came that night follow through and come out to our launch team meeting the next night on Monday.  It was encouraging and inspiring to see this group of people come together at the beginning stages of launching movement in the city of Norfolk and I can’t wait to see where it all leads.  God is doing great things through us and our best days are still ahead!

If you missed it, we recorded it!  Check out the audio here.