The 4 G’s will be the 4 things we emphasize in our worship experience every week. Each week during the worship experience we will mention all 4 G’s and highlight one of them that week, inviting people to make a specific, tangible step to engage in that particular G that week. In highlighting one area we will talk about it and seek to show it through a video or story of how we are living this out as a church.


God cares about people and because of that we must invest in people who are far from God and invite them into a relationship with God, inviting them to become a part of a community of faith, inviting them to become a part of what God is doing in and through The Rising.


Because we were created for community it’s essential for us to move from sitting in rows in a large group to circles in a smaller group to connect with other people on more than just a surface level.


Everyone has gifts, abilities, and talents and it’s our responsibility to use those gifts to serve others because we have these gifts, not for ourselves but for the benefit of everyone else.


We bring our tithe to God, giving back what He’s given us, reinvesting in the church, supporting it’s mission and vision to see those far from God raise to true life in Christ.