God is making a difference in the lives of people every single week through The Rising, and behind every changed life are the faces of our Team members.  We are inviting you to live beyond yourself and make an impact in the lives of others. Sign up here for Training, where you can check out all the different Team opportunities.  Below are descriptions of each area.  Sign up and begin changing lives!

If you love people and making sure they have a great experience, VIP/4G is the place for you. People’s first impression of The Rising begins with you because the sermon starts on the sidewalk. Just a few of the many opportunities you can choose from are greeting, meeting people at the black tables or orange tables, and assisting first time guests with their first experience at The Rising.

If you are passionate about helping kids discover and share God’s love to be raised to true life, then The Rising Kidz is a perfect fit for you. Some of the roles range from behind-the-scenes opportunities with security, support and preparation to directly interacting with children by holding and comforting babies, being a small group leader, and leading a fun worship experience.

Interested in photography, social media, videography, or website maintenance? We're looking to expand our Creative Arts Team! Even if you have NO experience, we've got some seriously expert coaches to train you.

If you care about details and creating a distraction-free experience, Production just may be the area for you. The Production team is responsible for the technical elements of our Sunday Experience from lights, monitors, computer graphics to the elusive stage ninja.

If hospitality is your thing then so is Team Headquarters, which is the environment we create each week to honor our volunteers by creating and staging breakfast for them.

If you have a passion for connecting people with one another and with God, leading a Group was made for you. Leaders use their gifts to invest in a group of people who meet regularly in homes and throughout our area.

If you look intimidating and have a passion to keep people safe, this is your team (you don’t really have to look intimidating). Our Safety Team ensures that the Worship Experience is a safe environment, assisting in emergency situations from security needs to evacuation and lock-down procedures.

If you enjoy operations, logistics, and you get a sense of satisfaction from completing tasks, Central is calling out to you. This is a behind-the-scenes role assisting with the day-to-day operations of The Rising, as well as helping staff with administrative projects.