Wow!  It’s coming up!

Sunday, May 11th from 10-11:15am at The NorVa is our first of 4 Sneak Peek Experiences that will lead up to our grand opening as a brand new church on September 14th!

We’d love to have you come as our guest to get a feel for who we are and what we will be as a church.  If you feel intimidated or uncomfortable going somewhere for the first time because it’s an unfamiliar experience and you’re brand new to it, don’t worry, this will be everyone’s first time!

Also, we are starting a brand new series called “Just The Opposite.” This series will run over the course of all 4 Sneak Peek experiences, ending on the day of our grand opening.

We’ve been planning for this day and praying for you for well over 2 years so I’m confident that this will be one of the best Sundays of your life.  This is your personal invitation to come on out!


Here’s a few things to know in advance:

When you park, go to the MacArthur Center Garage directly across the street from the NorVa – your parking will be free!

Here’s what to expect for your kids.