Many people already know that we are launching a church and I’ve gotten the question of “When” quite a bit.

Well here it is.  We are launching The Rising next year on September 14 as our public grand opening launch day!  With a launch day that is set at just under a year from now it may seem like it’s really far off but it isn’t.  There’s a lot of work involved in launching a church – raising money, growing our launch team, hiring staff, solidifying a location to meet, getting equipment, serving our city and so much more, and this amount of time gives us the time we need to do that work.

Also, Mother’s Day, May 11 of 2014 will be our first preview service (That’s just over 6 months away, much closer).  We’ll hold a preview service once a month starting in May, leading up to our grand opening launch day in September.

I am so excited about this adventure God has called us to and I think that he may be calling some of you to join us in this experience of launching a brand new unique church to reach people far from God.  If God is leading you to join in at the ground level of this amazing initiative by joining our team don’t put it off or talk yourself out of it because September 14 is coming and I’d hate for you to miss out on the adventure.