Kids and The NorVa are two things that might not seem to go together, but at The Rising they fit perfectly.

We’re a church meeting at The NorVa and though you might not bring your 16 month old and 4th grader to a Black Label Society concert, you can definitely bring them to our Sunday morning experience. We are honored to have the opportunity to join with you to impact the lives of your children and help them discover and grow in their relationship with God. At The Rising, our vision is to see people far from God raised to true life. It is important to us that we provide a safe and clean environment where kids can learn about and experience God’s love for them.
Check out the Topics below for a deeper look at The Rising Kidz. If you have any questions about our Kidz Ministry, please contact Carolyn, our Kidz Ministry Coordinator at


If you'd like, you can fill out the Kidz Pre-Registration Form ahead of time and help us get to know your family a little better.

The Rising Kidz Pre-Registration 


Our mission is to empower you and provide you with resources to be the primary spiritual leaders in your child’s life. We want to partner with you, combining two influences - Church and Family - to work together in synchronization to teach the kids of our NOW generation!

In the Rising Kidz, we provide care for Birth- 5th grade. Birth-2 will begin exploring their environments and learning about how “God made them”, “God loves them”, and that “Jesus wants to be their friend forever”. Preschool and Elementary will experience the bible through a large group worship experience, an interactive bible story, and a small group activity that applies the lesson to life situations and experiences.

It is vitally important to us that you feel safe leaving your kids in our ministry. All leaders have passed a national background check and participated in training to ensure your child’s safety. Only parents, leaders, and kids are allowed in the Kidz Area. We have a strict policy for check-in and pick-up. Your child will receive a nametag with a computer generated code to match the nametag you are given. Leaders are instructed to check both name tags before releasing the child. Verification by picture identification is required if the name tag is lost.

During check-in, please provide a cell phone number and your wireless provider. We will contact you via text message if we need to reach you during the worship experience. If we are unable to reach you via text, then your child’s name tag code will be flashed on the screen. We would like to limit distractions during the worship experience, so we ask that you please place your phones on vibrate.

All areas are cleaned and examined each week before we begin to assure the environment is as safe and clean as possible. The mats for the infants and toddlers are swept and sanitized. The smallest details are important to us, so you will see that volunteers will wear gloves and use a new mat for changing each child. We Break Out The China Every Time!

Please inform a leader at check-in if your child has any allergies. We will place this information in our system and on the child’s name tag. A red dot will be placed on the child’s name tag to immediately draw the leader’s attention to check for an allergy. Birth-Preschool will receive a snack every time, with occasional snacks in Elementary. Please check the signs at check-in to see the snacks being served that day.

We encourage everyone, including children and teens, to get involved with The Rising. Please let us know if you would be interested in impacting the lives of kids by serving with The Rising Kidz. Church is more than just a chair and you have the opportunity to make a difference by using your gifts, not burying them!