For all of our Sneak Peek Experiences on May 11, June 8, July 13, and August 10 we are exploring a series called “Just the Opposite.”  We will conclude the series on September 14th, our Grand Opening.

Just the Opposite is a series about who God really is – that he’s often the opposite of who we think he is and he also gives us the opposite of what we think we deserve.

I was inviting a guy to come check out a sneak peek experience and he responded by saying, “I think if I walked in, the place would burn down,” alluding to the fact that his life isn’t quite where it should be and God would rain down holy hell on him if he stepped foot in a church.  That’s when I reminded him we were meeting at The NorVa and I’m sure he would be ok.

This has been my experience with people when it comes to their thoughts and impressions on God – that he’s this ethereal police officer just waiting to bust them because they suck, or they’re at least pretty sure that God doesn’t like them.

This is why we’re kicking off our Sneak Peek Experiences with this series, “Just the Opposite.”  So if you feel far from God, like God could never forgive you, let alone love you because he’s eternally mad at you, or you feel a sense of guilt over what you’ve done and who you’ve become I want to invite you to discover just the opposite.

See you at a Sneak Peek Experience at 10am.  If you have kids, here’s what you should know.