I am just so amazed at what God is doing through The Rising as we move closer and closer to our grand opening on September 14th!


We had our 3rd Sneak Peek Worship Experience on Sunday, July 13th at The NorVa and we had 81 people come out with 18 Connect Cards being filled out (these are cards filled out by people who come for the first time)! On the 13th we had several people from our launch team out of town, but we had 4 people serve for the first time and 2 more people sign up after the experience, wanting to serve.

Several people came back after coming to either the 1st or 2nd Sneak Peek Worship Experience, and we had many people come for the first time. One woman came for the first time, explaining that she worked at Sushi King, a restaurant a block from the NorVa, and came as a result of some of her customers talking about our church; she loved it and is planning on coming back August 10th.

Our VIP greeters told me about a guy who was walking by the NorVa, saw them outside, asked what was going on inside, was told it was a church, and he came in and stayed for the whole experience!

Several comments I heard from people were, “I did not expect this when I came here. You guys did a lot of work to make this happen and I will definitely put August 10th on my calendar.” “I’m so impressed with how well everything is thought out and presented. This is a really amazing experience.”

I love hearing these things because one of our Values is “We Break Out the China Every Time,” and it’s great to see people noticing the work that we put in to create an irresistible environment, but even more than those comments, the thing I love most is seeing that The Rising is a making a difference in people’s lives and we haven’t even launched yet! To see people serving, giving of themselves on behalf of others and being encouraged and inspired, discovering true life is the continual heartbeat that drives us as a church, and I’m so amazed and grateful to see those things taking place even now before our grand opening.

Check out the podcast of the message from July 13th below and mark your calendar to join us for our final Sneak Peek Experience on August 10th from 10-11:15am at The NorVa.

Check out some more photos from our July 13th Worship Experience.