On September 14th, 2014 we launched The Rising!  At our Grand Opening we had 210 people pack the place out! We actually set out all of our chairs and even had some people sitting in the balcony, but the best part is that 7 people responded to the message about how we should see God as a loving Father and come home, and they checked a box on our Connect Card that says, “I want to accept Christ as my Savior!”

This past week we saw a lot of the same people come back with at least 36 new people filling out cards and 6 people wanting to accept Christ! At least 1 person is getting baptized next week! This is why we launched The Rising – so that people far from God will be raised to true life!

I met one girl who said she drove from Poquoson, an hour away, so that she could come back the second week. One family said, “I think we just found a church to be a part of!” Several people said things like, “I came back and I brought someone!” Others said things like, “I really needed this! Thank you!”

If you give to the mission and vision of this church and you serve at The Rising, I want to say thank you because you are playing a part in making a difference in people’s lives and eternities!

Our best days are still ahead!