Our Spring Groups will meet on a weekly basis for 9 weeks, beginning April 29. Get to know people and build some friendships by joining a Group.


Sundays / 4-6pm / Norfolk / Children Welcome

Led by Amy and Ming Lee


Wind-down and enjoy a picnic atmosphere with your family as you prepare for the week. Enjoy different foods, a lake front view, and an evening fire all while building new relationships! 

Tuesdays / 7-8:30pm / Norfolk / Childcare provided

Led by Carolyn Quesenberry
* limited to 20 people


When parents and the church work together, the impact on kids increases dramatically. Discover a "bigger story" for your child. Discover a story in which multiple influential voices combine in order to tell your children the same thing: a relationship with God really matters!

Wednesdays / 7-8:30pm / Virginia Beach / Childcare provided

Led by Carrie Rodenhizer and Carol Moore
* limited to 20 people


Build your creative muscle while you build relationships during Wednesday night group. Each week will have a new creative challenge with a corresponding bible verse. Everyone is creative; let's grow your capacity and community through creativity!

Wednesdays / 7-8:30pm / Norfolk / Childcare provided

Led by Adrian Stahl


Enjoy a mid-week hangout where you can play games and eat Summer food like hamburgers, hot dogs, s'mores, and more while playing fun games! Each night will end in a short devotional geared toward topics like winning, losing, patience, and anger.

Saturdays / 10am / Locations will vary

Led by Jeremy Allen


A group designed for everyone, regardless of body type where we will train together to take on #toughmudder2018. Join this group and see just how far you can push yourself!