This is some of the boring stuff of planting a church that most people don’t know about or care about, but it’s some of the really important stuff.

Most churches that start off with the leader having a coach have a higher chance of doing well while the opposite is true for a planter who doesn’t have a coach.

A management team is a group of people who act as a sounding board and as a team of wise guys (and gals) to help guide the person planting.

In the process of planting, as people have asked “How do you start a church,” this is one of the ways and I thought it important to include because if you just tell someone, “I’m starting a church,” what does that mean? To each person that means something completely different as their idea of what church is comes to their mind and it seems like a foreign concept to most people, like, “Don’t churches just exist?” and “What do you mean you’re starting a church?” So this part of starting a church is pretty essential because it shows a bit of legitimacy, just as companies have directors and organizations have management teams, I’ve seen the wisdom in the counsel of many, and the truth is that leaders are learners so as a leader I need to learn from others, thus forming a management team and having a coach.

So there’s a bit more for the question, “How do you start a church;” by developing a management team and having a coach to see me through the process. Not the sexiest part of launching a church, but this is the important stuff to lend credibility and accountability to the situation and give you a bit more confidence in what we are doing – so when you’re ready to join our launch team, click the “Get Involved” tab because this is indeed legit.