We are a church that lives open handed lives.  This means that we believe God is a good generous God who is constantly pouring out blessing.  We want to be in a position to receive the generosity of God by being generous ourselves, living with open hands, giving to others, as opposed to living with clinched fists, holding on to what we have.

Once the post about giving a chair to a total stranger hit social media yesterday, one person viewed our equipment needs page and bought the headset microphone, the first item on the list (it’s not there now because we don’t need it anymore).  When I was told they bought this for us I literally jumped with joy.  But the rest of the story is even better.

After ordering the mic from All Pro Sound, the company called the person just to make sure the purchase was legit.  The person told All Pro Sound about what we were doing as a new church and All Pro Sound said they love to hear about things like this and requested the list of our equipment needs because they wanted to see if there was anything else they could do in order to possibly help us out! (Or maybe it’s to have a lead, but I think they want to help us.)

It’s amazing how God works!  But here’s the thing to note.  If that person never had the generosity and mindset to live an open handed life, taking the step to buy the mic in the first place then, all Pro Sound never would have called her and wouldn’t have heard our story and be considering to help us in other ways.

I share this to celebrate a great story of how God works and how someone lived out generosity and how God rewarded that, but I also share this to encourage you to have the faith to act because often God wants to do great things in our lives, but won’t until we move.  What is God hoping to do through you, but is waiting for you to move first?