I listen to Elevation Church’s podcast and less than a year ago I decided to go back and listen to the podcast from the beginning where they first started over 7 years ago with just 121 people their first service.  Now they are a church of about 12,000 as of 2012.

In a podcast for a worship experience just one week short of their one year anniversary (Elevation wasn’t even a year old) Steven Furtick mentioned that a church planting team of 20 people were visiting their church from Burlington, NC, and from stage, in his message, he said, “I heard there was a church planting team here of about 20 people, checking out our church, and I just decided that we’re going to pay a month of their rent.  I haven’t even met them, but I just decided right now, we’re going to take care of one month of their rent.”

Out of nowhere, a church that wasn’t even a year old decided to help out a church plant. Sure, Elevation had close to 1,000 in attendance at the time, but they weren’t even a year old and right then and there the decision was made to pay rent for a church plant they hadn’t even spoken with!

When I heard that announcement from that message I was blown away at the generosity of Elevation.

A couple weeks ago my wife and I were able to go to New York to learn from Forefront Church NYC.  We took some people from our church planting team with us.  They paid their way, but Carl Kuhl and Mosaic Christian Church supported my wife and I in going, supporting and investing in the work we are doing in planting.  The generosity of Carl and their church has amazed us!  Even when we went to Forefront NYC, their generosity in time and hospitality by showing us around and giving us their time to ask questions meant so much to us.

It’s been inspiring for me to see the generosity of Elevation, Mosaic, Forefront NYC and as we grow and develop as a new church plant we want to pass that same generosity on to others.