I’d like to take a moment to just brag a bit about how amazing God is and how awesome our team is.

Sunday August 10th we had our 4th and final Sneak Peek Worship Experience (We’ve been doing these once a month since May as we lead up to our Grand Opening on September 14th) and my hopes and expectations were blown away!

I was praying that 100 people would be part of our 4th Sneak Peek Worship experience and this seemed reasonable as we had 87, 76 and 81 at our previous Sneak Peek’s but we saw 110 people come through on Sunday! I’m so amazed at the momentum we are gaining as we move closer to our Grand Opening! We’re a church seeking to launch large with over 200 people opening day because with more people on board with the vision to see people far from God raised to true life, the more potential we have as a church to see the vision come to fruition faster and the sooner we can see this vision and movement take root in our city.

We saw several people come back who came to previous Sneak Peek’s, had several people serve and give back for the first time, and we collected 12 Connect Cards, representing 17 people, turned in by first time guests!

I heard several people say with excitement:

“That was so awesome!”

Something you may not always hear about a church experience.

One lady who came for the first time, bringing 3 of her friends with her said:

“So glad we decided to go! I do believe we have found a new church!”

As we move forward toward our Grand Opening on September 14th I want to invite you to join us to discover the unique thing God is doing through The Rising. I’m so grateful to God and the amazing people on our launch team who have faithfully committed to serve and tithe for the vision of this church!

Our best days are still ahead!