Sunday August 10th we had our 4th Sneak Peek Worship Experience, leading up to our Grand Opening on September 14th and we saw 110 people come that Sunday! Amazing!

We love to inspire people to action by casting compelling vision and sharing how God is moving through this ministry to touch people’s lives. Before we received Sunday’s offering we explained why we give and we shared the reason one couple wrote as to why they gave to help us as we launch The Rising.  Edwin and Stefanie are a couple who give to, serve at and attend Essential Church, where I’m currently on staff as a church planter in residence. They came to a fundraising dessert we held last year and were compelled to give to see The Rising launched.  Here’s what they said:

After meeting you and your wonderful family at Essential Church and hearing a little bit about your vision for The Rising, we knew that God was doing something so special and amazing.  This was further confirmed at one of your church’s Dessert Night’s, as you explained in full detail how God moved you to launch this brand new church in Norfolk.  We were inspired and encouraged to see and hear about how you and your launch team are stepping out in great faith to see people who have never heard of Jesus come to know Him in a powerful way.  We know that God’s hand is truly over you all, and He is going to do mighty and great things through The Rising.  It was our honor and joy to give financially to The Rising, because we are excited to see the Lord at work in hundreds and thousands of lives.

I love their vision for our church, believing us to reach not just hundreds but thousands of lives. Another thing I love about this is that Edwin and Stefanie will most likely never be part of our church as they are fully integrated in and love Essential, but they have a kingdom mindset, wanting to see more churches started to reach people far from God so they can be raised to true life.

Because of Edwin and Stefanie’s vision for our church and their generosity we are enabled to carry out the vision and mission God has for us as a church, and Edwin and Stefanie are impacting the lives of people they may never meet this side of heaven. So I’m thankful for them and so many other individuals and churches which have given to The Rising even while it was still just a vision.

As we approach our Grand Opening, I want to invite you to join in with Edwin and Stefanie, a host of other individuals, and churches that have and are still giving, by donating a tax-deductible one time or recurring gift to The Rising. It takes a lot of money to start a church and we covet your prayers, but are enabled by your resources. So would you commit to not just pray for us, but also give to support us as a new church designed to see people far from God raised to true life? You have the opportunity to help launch a new church and forever change people’s eternity.