In launching a brand new church, there is a lot to do!  A lot to get in the way of equipment also!

May 11th is our first sneak peek service at The NorVa, but before this service there is a lot of equipment we need to get – like $32,000 worth of equipment – and one of the things we need is chairs.

I’m wondering if you would buy a chair for a total stranger?  Would you purchase a chair for someone you may never meet this side of heaven? We’ve need to acquire 200 chairs and I’m wondering if you would be a person to buy a chair or several chairs for people who will discover God through The Rising. Can you imagine being in heaven and having people you’ve never met before come up to you and say, “Thank you.  Thank you for your generosity in giving to The Rising to buy that chair, because I sat in that chair and heard the Gospel and met Jesus and because of that I’m here now and I just want to say thank you.”

You have a chance to impact someone’s eternity by providing a seat for them to hear a life changing message.

Would you help us between now and the end of March by checking out this Equipment Needs site and buying a chair for about $35 or several chairs or another piece of equipment we need.  Buy a stranger a chair!


To give a chair you can donate online so you get tax credit.  Check out the Equipment Needs site above for more information as well.