What do James Brown, home of the Downtown Athletic Club, a 1917 Vaudeville theatre, Snoop Dogg, Flogging Molly and The Rising have in common? All these have been hosted in the same building and that building is currently known as The NorVa.

That’s right, The Rising will be meeting at The NorVa!

Now, the church isn’t a location or service on a Sunday – it’s a community of people who come together who have witnessed Resurrection in their lives and they live out Resurrection – this is the church, but The NorVa is a pretty cool place for the church to gather.

From the start we are a church designed to see people far from God raised to true life.  Because this is our heartbeat, it was vital for us to secure a place to meet where people who aren’t Christians wouldn’t be intimidated to come.  We had to find a place that would fit us like a glove.  We’ve found that place.

If you’ve been following our journey, things are coming together more and more as we move closer to our launch date of September 14th.  Now that we’ve secured a place, our journey isn’t complete and we haven’t “made it” as there is still a lot more to do and a lot of work ahead of us.  We currently have a launch team of 20 people and are always looking to add to this – now is your time to join in the beginning stages of a movement.  We are also constantly seeking to discover support to fund this vision.  This also is your chance to fund the beginning stages of a movement.

We have a sneak peek service set for Sunday, May 11th, Mother’s Day.  Come and be a part of something great now by joining our launch team and getting in on the planning stages.