For years people jumped over the high jump bar with their front facing down toward the bar, but in 1968, Dick Fosbury, operating within the rules of high jumping, introduced the “Fosbury Flop,” clearing the bar with his back facing down toward the bar.  It was unorthodox and strange yet he set an Olympic world record with the style and jump and from there, revolutionized the sport of high jumping as his stye is now the standard in high jumping.  Dick Fosbury was an innovator in his sport.

A saying we have at The Rising is “Beat the Game, Don’t Play it!” To beat the game and not play it. means we need to rise above it and see the things we may be missing that may be holding us back.  We need to evaluate what we are doing and why we are doing those things and we need to ask what we should be doing that we aren’t doing – the thing nobody is doing.  We can and will learn from people but we don’t want to simply copy what they are doing, playing the same game – rather we want to learn and grow from others and be an agent of change ourselves to innovate and revolutionize the church so that those who may not respond to the church by the same game we’ve been playing for years will be inspired to embrace the message through experiencing something they haven’t seen before because we’ve decided to beat the game, not just play it.

To reach people the church isn’t reaching we have to do things the church isn’t doing. We’re beating the game in several ways, learning from others and pushing ourselves to think outside the box. Here’s a few ways we are seeking to reach the 74%:

-We’ve chosen an unorthodox and amazing venue to meet in – The NorVa
-We pay attention to the details. From, sound and sight to gifts, treatment and taste (Yes we have a taste as a church – even a color; orange) everything matters to us about the experience we create for people coming to experience God in a fresh inspiring way. We provide free parking in downtown, give gifts, settle for nothing less than great music which we turn up loud, go above and beyond to create safe, secure and irresistibly fun kids environments and more. Details and the entire experience matters to us because the message we have is too important.
-We champion the Christian message that God is for, not against and so we live that out.
-We are creating a culture within our church to generate the anticipation that God is up to something great through The Rising and that the air is thick with, “Something good is going on here.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re interested in beating the game, not playing it, being a church that reaches people who aren’t part of a church by pushing innovation and uniqueness within the church, creating something you’ve never experienced before all to help people discover God in a refreshingly inspiring way.