2nd sneak peek

Wow wow wow!  June 8th was our second ever sneak peek experience and we had 76 people come out – way more than I expected with it being summer and not even our grand opening yet!  We had a lot of people coming for the first time with 19 connect cards filled out!  A couple ladies even came to our launch team meeting the following night and there were a couple guys who expressed interest in coming to our launch team meeting the following week to get in on the work of helping to start a church! There were also a few people who gave and are giving to help us in launching who came by to help us set up and check everything out.

As I talked with one lady, she explained how she saw our worship experience on the NorVa’s calendar and drove from Hampton to check it out! She said she was really glad she came! Another guy told me how excited he was we were starting up and how he’s “trying to come back to God.”

If you’re currently supporting us by giving, “Thank You!” You are equipping us to make a difference in people’s lives. If you’ve been praying for us, “Thank You!” You’ve been empowering us to do great things so far. If you want to help, I’d love to have you join in with so many other people who are supporting us by praying for us and giving to fund this movement.

July 13th at 10am is our 3rd Sneak Peek Experience at The NorVa. What are you waiting for? Come on out!